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Good architecture doesn’t need to be expensive. Spanish Revival is a traditional architectural style that is both very attractive and can be constructed relatively inexpensively. With this project, the Spanish Revival style is also very compatible with similar homes in the neighborhood.

The Spanish Revival style is well known for having attractive ceilings with exposed wood beams and rafters. Many times, however, what is seen are fake or faux beams and rafters, which come at considerable additional expense.

With careful architectural planning, structurally required beams and rafters can be exposed to provide an identical and sometimes more attractive and authentic ceiling appearance. This comes at very little increase to construction costs.

The Spanish Revival style is also well known for simple yet attractive plaster around interior openings of doors and windows. This treatment is inherently less expensive than installing wood casing around each opening and provides attractive, uncluttered expanses of wall for installing art.

Finally, add attractive hardwood and tile floors, to create interior spaces that are both wonderfully attractive and affordable.

Post-construction photographs will be coming soon.
Rendering of 622 17th Street, Pacific Gorve, CARendering