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New Chatham Antique Barn
New Chatham 'Antique' Barn
Several homes outside the commercial district along Main Street in Chatham, Massachusetts have been converted into stores. Many of these homes were originally farmhouses.

For this project, an owners of a converted house decided to construct an adjacent barn-like structure, to also serve as a store. An antique store originally occupied the barn. Now it is occupied by the Sidewalk Ends Bookstore.

This building has a wood post-and-beam frame. Unbroken structural insulated panels wrap the frame, creating both exterior walls and enclosing the roof. The combination of these systems, with exposed wood posts and beams on the inside, makes for a very attractive and warm interior space.

The antique store did not want any photographs recorded while they were there, but interior views can be seen on the bookstore website.

In addition to generating attractive interiors, this construction system is both fast and relatively inexpensive.